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EXCLUSIVE: TOP  80 Black Men And Boys Killed By Police-filmed

The below  list  of Top 80 Black Men And Boys Killed By Police  (in no certain order) of Black men and boys who have been shot and killed by police under suspicious circumstances can serve as a tragic reminder of the dangers Black and brown citizens face upon being born into a world of hate that has branded them as suspects since birth.

1. David McAtee


in an attempt to disperse crowds, , a louisville bbq chef known for serving cops free meals, was shot and killed by the police last night. he was unarmed. not only were the officers’ bodycams off, but they also left his body on the street for 12 hours.
say his name.
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The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department and the National Guard killed David McAtee while the businessman was attending a protest against police violence inspired by the in-custody killing of George Floyd.

2. Natosha “Tony” McDade

Natosha “Tony” McDade was killed on May 27, 2020, when officers from the Tallahassee Pice Department opened fire for allegedly having a gun pointed at them.

3. George Floyd



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George Floyd died May 25, 2020, after a police officer in Minneapolis kneeled on the neck of the 46-year-old handcuffed man who was lying face down on a street.

The entire episode was recorded on video by one of many bystanders who heard Floyd tell police he couldn’t breathe, repeated pleas that went ignored.
The four responding officers involved were fired as protesters demanded they also be charged with Floyd’s murder.

4. Yassin Mohamed



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A police officer in Georgia shot and killed Yassin Mohamed on May 9 in the city of Claxton. A press release from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation seemed to blame the shooting on Mohamed, who was accused of throwing rocks at a deputy from the Evans County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the press release, in the hours before the shooting, Mohamed “attacked an officer with a pipe, as well as attacked an ambulance.” When the deputy who killed him responded to another call about Mohamed being “on foot in the middle of the road,” the press release says Mohamed threw rocks at the deputy. “Mohamed then charged the deputy with a larger rock at which point the deputy discharged his firearm, striking Mohamed,” the press released said. Mohamed died at the scene at the age of 47.
A reporters investigation into the shooting has begun.
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