Boxes of looted new iphones causes a stir on social media

Food and clothes are a necessity for everyday life that is why some people went for those items. However, other people decided to target technology gadgets like cellphones. Boxes of brand new iphones surfaced on Twitter as they showed of their loot. Many people were surprised by the quantity of the phones and wondered whay will happen to them. They will probably not be for personal use but will be sold to people. They were concerns about how the phones will work since Apple gadgets need a lot of settings in-store.

This person certainly looted in bulk and intends on making money with his loot. Some people in the comments were asking if he will be able to get customers. Another person in Zambia offered to sell them for him if he sends them over there. However, with the large amount he got there is a probability that he might get arrested. This is the reason why looting is bad and should stop immediately. See more comments below.

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