Breaking News| AKA finally breaks his silence About the Death Of His Fiancé

AKA finally breaks his silence

The whole of South Africa has been shocked by the untimely death of the popular rapper Kenan Forbes, mostly known by his stage name AKA. Anele Tembe, who had recently gotten engaged to AKA fell to her death from a 10-story building. The cause of death has been said to not be suicide by the family and investigations are still underway as we speak.

This whole thing hit the fans of the superstar but no one was hit more than him. Ever since this whole thing happened, no one heard a word from the rapper. He finally broke his silence on 23 April. On Friday morning he released a heartfelt statement about what happened. He made sure it was exclusive to Facebook and nowhere else.

In this statement, he states that it has been very difficult for him to deal with the death of Anele. He said he misses her every day and the life they had planned together. He said the death of the love of his life has been the worst. What makes matters worse according to him is the fact that many people have been blaming him for the death of his wife to be and he didn’t do anything to deserve that.

He said his family dies every time they hear the fact that he is being accused of either pushing or killing the love of his life. He didn’t mention if the death was indeed a suicide or what happened on that day. He said he has no strength to continue talking about the matter as it is a very painful one to process. Throughout the whole statement, he was writing from a point of pain, and it was apparent.

He has thanked his fans for all the support they have given him in such a tough time in his life. He says he has gathered some strength to write the statement and wanted to share it with his fans as they have been behind him for years. He continued to say that he will be taking a break from his music career to focus on healing and getting better. Below is the full statement as posted on Facebook by AKA.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think AKA will ever recover from the death of his fiance and get back to

AKA finally breaks his silence his music career?

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