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Gold, diamonds, jeans and more: Crazy face masks spotted on social media during the coronavirus pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic has made face masks a must-have item when you step out, some people are doing it with style, while others are simply sporting unusual protective gear with a quirky twist. Here are some of the unique face masks we spotted on social media.Image Credit: Instagram/mujtabajewellers

2 of 13In India, luxurious face masks became an instant trends. The country’s love for the yellow metal is evident as a number of businessmen have been seen sporting solid gold masks. This is Shankar Kurade from the Indian city of Pune, who bought a gold mask for an amount equivalent to USD 4000 .Image Credit: Twitter
3 of 13Alok Mohanty, a businessman from the Indian state of Odisha instructed his jeweller to turn an ordinary N-95 mask into a piece of flashy protective gear by adding gold netting on it.Image Credit: Twitter
4 of 13Recently, a jeweller based in Karnataka, Sandeep Sagaonkar, added masks made out of silver to his wedding collection.Image Credit: Twitter
5 of 13If solid metal masks were not impressive enough, Indian jewellers from the city of Surat also introduced diamond studded varieties, and the pictures made rounds on social media.Image Credit: Twitter
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These luxurious masks have been popular in India among wedding guests.Image Credit: Instagram/only_for_weddings
7 of 13However, extravagant masks were not the only ones that gained attention online. A number of quirky contraptions were also seen. Referencing the love of jeans Texans have, Twitter user @TBoisseauATX shared a picture of a mask entirely made out of denim material, complete with a zipper and button.Image Credit: Twitter
8 of 13Does your mask keep slipping off? This is the contraption you might need. This mask comes attached to a headgear and cap.Image Credit: Twitter
9 of 13Recently, this tulle mask made rounds on social media and the user who shared it has been getting trolled. Netizens questioned whether the mask will be able to protect wearers from coronavirus.Image Credit: Twitter
10 of 13While many called this mask ‘terrifying’, on social media, it comes with a remote controlled hinged mouth so it can be worn while eating.Image Credit: Twitter
11 of 13This Twitter user shared how her mother had to improvise after forgetting her mask at home. Tweep @chloee_caldwell wrote: “Mom doing her part one plastic bag mask at a time.”Image Credit: Twitter
12 of 13The pandemic has not stopped film fanatics for adding their love for iconic movies to their look. This mask with supervillain Joker’s smile from the Batman series has been a hit.Image Credit: Twitter
13 of 13Many also showcased their love their favourite celebrities. These masks with the smiles of politician and boxer Manny Pacquiao, actor Brad Pitt and singer Miley Cyrus were seen online.Image Credit: Twitter

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