Duduzile Zuma reacted to Premier of KZN who was beating a looter on live Tv

Hayibo…Is This Our Premier? I Thought Our Leaders Are Supposed To Engage With The Communities!” – Duduzile Zuma

She should be encouraging this, she incited violence only when it’s supporting her agendas? He acted like an African parent, she should say Amandla. Double standards

The mission failed, soon the country will be under control while her father is serving his time, Dali Mpofu is going there to tell him that all his applications fails so now the last option is waiting for parole.

He’s frustrated, overwhelmed and angry. He hasn’t the skill set to calm things down, he’s mad at the public for making his job difficult. He lacks empathy and understanding which is key to any quarrel, he’s just like Ramaphosa

What do you have to say about black people who have died, lost their jobs and businesses because of what you were begging for after inciting and fuelling violence in the name of your dad?

We need another Mandala to stand up when things are like this. Unfortunately ANC has completely failed the nation. If you don’t see this now. You will see it tomorrow

The black heart surveys the destruction it loves,incites further,then screeches,hops on its broom(or is it brown bread)then flies off,cackling, to try &liberate the evil that spawned https://it.It must be careful not to fly too close to d sun, cause even witches burn

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