Horrible| See What Happened To The Indian Who Was allegedly Finishing Black People In Phoenix

The country of South Africa has been in a complete and rest for more than a week now. Everyday things kept on escalating with no indication of an end. In the past two days then reports of something that is now called the Phoenix Massacre. What happened that resulted in the death of 15 people who allegedly are all black. Phoenix is a small place in kwazulu-natal that is predominantly Indian. When the riots happened a bunch of looters came and tried to loots the stores that were around the place and an all-out war started.

There was one Indian guy who apparently was responsible for going around and shooting people. It is said that this man was a pastor who was trying to end everything that was going on in the place. They were videos of him that we’re moving around social media. He is seen holding a gun while patrolling around his hometown. After that video he became one of the most hated people in South Africa as social media thought it was unacceptable to go around threatening people with a gun. It is said that he was finally shot as well.

At which claims that the man was shot around the place he was patrolling by another Indian person. It is said that the Indian person thought it was a black person who was holding a gun and trying to should everyone in the place. He later found out that it was not a black person but was the very same Indian guy who was trying to protect everyone. Below is the actual truth about the story:

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“The Indian guy who was driving around in Phoenix shooting innocent black people for fun was shot dead by another Indian who thought he was black. He was a Pastor. #PhoenixMassacre”

It is still not confirmed if the story is true or not but some people were happy to hear it. What is more surprising is the fact that the leader of the economic freedom fighters Julius malema also joined in the celebration. He used a couple of emojis to show that he was happy about what had happened. This was surprising that Julius malema is celebrating the death of another person.

Below is the earliest picture of the guy the story is about.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think what happened to the man is sad or it was a good thing ?