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Hours After A Lady Gave Birth To Baby, See What She Did With The Baby That Got People Talking

See what a woman talked about with the baby given by people hours after she was born.

We live in a crazy world where extraordinary things always happen with little or no recourse other than to fold our hands and watch.

A 21-year-old woman from one of the neighboring countries is accused of throwing her newborn baby into a latrine hours after birth.

Neighbors were able to rescue this young child after hearing his bathroom scream.

However, police apprehended the young woman and she admitted her crime while the young child was being treated at a nearby hospital.

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How can a person bear the nine-month burden of carrying a baby in their womb but then discard the baby within 24 hours of birth? Do you think this lady is normal? Check out the online reviews.

The reactions are seen in the screenshots below:

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