I unfollowed my Dad on Facebook. These are his throwback

These are his throwback

The most important call to actions is that we are responsible for our actions. The book of Romans describes sin and how it can control us to not be aware of what we do.

This call of living responsibly is mainly towards both the people who are following Jesus and othery. I know for me I had no idea of my actions until I started to reflect on my actions. My relationship with Christ has guided me to live responsibly.

The whole point of drinking, playing, and living responsibly is to keep us on track. Not to slide into a bad habit that will only cause us more harm. God adores you, and I’m sure He will advise us to live responsibly. We can enjoy life and have adventures while remaining smart. Always be conscious and vigilant of your actions.

It is also possible for us to be fired if we fail to meet our assigned obligations (in a particular organization). Often our anxiety motivates us to work hard, or we are aware of the compensation we will get if we work, because we are responsible and held accountable by higher-ups.

If you live responsibly, there is high chance you or your family members won’t regret later in future. Unlike this situation; a lady unfollowed her father on a social medium, because of how her dad live in those days (throwbacks). Check it out below:

“I unfollowed my Dad on Facebook. These be his throwbacks”, she admitted.

These are his throwback

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