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Nurse with Coronavirus Begged Doctors To See Her Kids Again “Don’t Let Me Die”

Being a frontline worker at a hospital is a great task, especially when you know you may be infected by the coronavirus as well. you can take all the precautionary measures that are made available to you, but if something goes wrong, you are a victim of COVID 19.

35-year-old Kelly Ward worked at the Bradford Royal Infirmary where she was one among the team of healthcare providers fighting the COVID 19. After her shift on 19th April, she started to feel weak and red hot while returning home. Her condition started to deteriorate even after taking the much-needed rest after which her fiancée Ryan arranged for a test.

Kelly’s symptoms started getting worse by the hour and seemed to be getting much serious and in need of immediate medical help. She was advised to call for an ambulance as she was gasping for breath. Within 24 hours after finishing her shift at the Bradford Royal Infirmary, she was taken to a high dependency unit and placed on oxygen.

Nurse with Coronavirus

Two days after falling ill, Kelly signed up for a clinical trial for coronavirus treatments. She began to panic when the medical team decided to put her on a CPAP machine to help her with her breathing. She was upset that she hadn’t seen her children, Ryan, her family, and friends, and worried if she would ever see them.

Nurse with Coronavirus

Her panic increased when she was fitted with a mask which she forced the nurses to remove. She begged her colleagues not to let her die, and her prayers were heard by God. Kelly showed extraordinary resilience, for she wanted to meet her loved ones, and her body began to fight back and she battled the coronavirus. Kelly managed to fight the virus that nearly killed her.

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