Old Pictures of Thabo Mbeki and Cyril Ramaphosa Have Resurfaced the Internet left People Talking

Thabo Mbeki and Cyril Ramaphosa

Pictures Of ANC President Along Side Former President Thabo Mbeki Have left Many People Talking.

With The Scandal That Has Been Going On Within The ANC Many People have Looked For old Things To Bring up, hense Why These Pictures have Been Secualting through out Social Media.

This Really has to Do with the Man At the back of this Picture in Particular, that man at the back was Known As Thabo Mbeki’s Right hand Man, who even Today is Still is.

Which is What really got many people Talking on this matter or the Picture to be right, in many on Thabo Mbeki’s pictures With High Officials that man is Always there.

Many thought he was paid to protect and Keep Thabo Mbeki Save as A Body Guard, but The Former President Thabo Mbeki Claimed He Was Never a Body Guard but something more Important.

The Pictures have Been Seculating The Internet Eversince thabo Mbeki was Added as a Cabinet Member of the ANC, which was Done by The President Cyril Ramaphosa.

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