People notice something when MaNgcobo was being arrested by Mpambani

MaNgcobo got herself intentionally Arrested. It is strange why she would get herself arrested on purpose. After the Jewellery heist that she and her squad pulled, she told them that before their next job she wants to first go to jail.

Maybe she wants to go to jail to recruit people who will help her with her next job. After she heard Nkunzi talking to Sobhuza telling him that MaNgcobo is always bringing trouble for them. Maybe she wants to prove to Nkunzi that she can handle anything as a woman since Nkunzi is always undermining her.

It is strange that she could get herself arrested just to prove a point to Nkunzi. MaNgcobo got herself arrested by drunk driving and high speed chase with the police. Maybe it is because she knows that since the police have always wanted to arrest her even if she does a small crime they will arrest her.

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