Video: People noticed something the night before Nellie’s death watch the video

Nellie’s death

The sad passing of AKA‘s fiancee Nellie Tembe has left many people in shock as there has been more and more messages of condolences pouring in to the rapper AKA and the Tembe family ever since the tragic accident yesterday whereby it is alleged that Nellie fell off her 10th floor of her hotel room.

This is them in happy times after just few months that AKA went to the Tembe family and paid lobola for their daughter and planning on getting married soon, but that didn’t happen as now she’s no more, may her precious soul rest in perfect peace.

This video that has been trending was posted the night before her death, it was posted by AKA on his twitter account, it was reported on ZAlebs and CelebNow that this video was taken the night before.

People are shocked as what caused Nellie to jump off the building as they spotted something on this video, what they spotted was two couples having a great time and didn’t show any signs of unhappiness, but what lead to her doing what she did.

According to twitter some say they spotted that Nellie wasn’t smiling but only dancing and AKA smiling as they dance, but all people have their own ways of having a great time, in my opinion i stand with those who say they seemed happy but why did Nellie do this.

Here are some comments from social media Facebook too as this story has been trending on all social media platforms, massages of shock and condolences.

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You can watch their happy moment video before her death and decided if she looked unhappy or she was having a great time.

Nellie’s death