Picture of a learner that cause a stir on social media because of her Mini Skirt.

Picture of a learner

Picture of a beautiful school girl that got people talking on social media people having different opinions about her Mini Skirt.

Source of the news Twitter Here’s the link below for more details.

The picture of a girl that is trending on Twitter because of the way she’s dressing, she is beautiful and also Twitter users are concerned about the way she dressed up that can a teacher really look her with the eyes of a parent, or they will just see a normal beautiful girl. They are concerned because it’s showing parts that are not suppose to appear when you are wearing a skirt and going to school because at the end of the day teachers will be confused of your dressing.

As a parent whenever your child is going to school make sure that she is wearing a skirt that is revealing things that are not suppose to be revealed. Parents should not allow to their children to walk like this when they are going to school even on the streets because it will attract unwanted attention and boys or men end up doing things they’re not suppose to do because of the way you are dressing. School girls must wear skirts that are not revealing anything they should be decent.

Here is what twitter had to say about the learner wearing a mini skirt.

@Mmamotladi_S said that it is disturbing but If it was your child you were going to look her with the right eyes with the eyes of a parent and if the teachers are going to school knowing they are going to teach children nothing will make them feel uncomfortable.

@msancanana said that it is impossible to look with the eyes of a parent in situations like this.

@GMolahloe said that dressing won’t bother him teachers and learners must be professional.

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Picture of a learner

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