Police Officers Arrested for Looting, Here’s What They Stole

The law enforcement is supposed to protect the public from anything that could possibly harm them. It is not supposed to behave like criminals. There should be a difference between the law enforcement and the general public.

It has now emerged that some of the members of the police were amongst the looters. It seems as though they took stuff from those who who had looted, and decided to keep those things to themselves. There are two police men who have been arrested, and they are from Protea, in Gauteng.

There are people who were looting at the area yesterday. Police were called out to control those who were looting. However these ones took everything, and kept in in a house somewhere around the area. From food, to electronic appliances, and they used a police van to do all these things.

The police were commended for this great job, but who should the society rely on now.

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