Rest In Peace: Lawrence Has Sadly Passed Away

Earlier today Yvonne Chaka Chaka took it to Twitter in order to pay her last respect towards one of the talented musician of his generation, she paid a very touching tribute to Sir Lawrence Matshiza , a man who worked with legendary musician such as Victor Hugh Masekela and also Marriam Makeba last year he received an award, based on his exploit in the music industry he worked with some of the talented plethora in the music industry. It’s sad that he’s no longer with us as he has lost his life in the early hours of today, most of the artist who are operating behind the scenes they don’t get recognition they deserve but that was not the case when it came to Lawrence as he was appreciated for all his hard work.

But today we have lost a giant we have lost a musical genius, today we have lost a great man he’s legacy will live on forever we’re talking about a soul that knew how to nurture potential into something big, for us us musical lover’s it’s a very painful day to be alive we’ve lost an artist of the highest order.

As we’re speaking messages of condolences are pouring in for him and his family, almost everyday now we’re losing people in the entertainment industry or well known people. But what gives me comfort is that he had lived to his fullest potential and he sadly passed away as an old man, may his soul rest in peace we will always appreciate and value his input in the music industry he left a very powerful legacy behind him, he was one of the fewest souls that won’t be replaced may he rest in eternal peace, there’s no doubt that he was a living legend.

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