Revealed: Reason why AKA’s girlfriend killed herself

Mzansi is still mourning the death of Nellie Tembe who just got married to AKA last month. We are still in shock but then as we go deeper to the matter it all comes to making sense now.

Rumour has it that Nellie committed suicide after AKA left her in the hotel in Cape Town alone . AKA apparently went to perform at ayepyep and left NELLIE alone in the hotel. It is said he went with some girl after his performance and Nellie found out about it.

When those witnesses who said to have heard screaming and so forth, it is said Nellie was confronting AKA where he was denying everything . Nellie couldn’t take it anymore as she was asking her self how can a man who just paid lobola for her do this to her . She then decided to just kill herself .

We are still in shock but her family is the one who needs comfort to this whole thing. Her family did release a statement and they did confirm that it’s her who jumped over the 10th floor of the 5 star hotel . We are still shuttered and we seriously don’t believe that AKA could have done this .

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