RIP| She sadly passed away after revealing this to the public

More than 300 million individuals are depressed worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.

Depression can be described as feelings of grief, loss or anger which impair the daily activities of a person.

People who suffer from it could experience it differently for many, such as school and job, interfere with their everyday activities. You tend to lose interest in things you enjoy doing.

Most of the time persons with depression desire to isolate and lock themselves in their rooms and want no visitors. Some of them finally commit suicide.

There is no cure at present, but it’s a tolerable illness. It can be risky because it can create chronic diseases and even cause death for some.

Ruby Gold, a Facebook user, claimed on her page, that she’d die, she wrote in a poetry that she feels knocking death and that she’d plunge into tears of herself.

At first she seemed to be trying to garner attention, but it turns out she was sincere. People only recognized that after sharing another post where they wrote it

“I spoke out, actually. I asked for help. I asked for help. I choked up my pride and requested assistance.

I really did. I really did. But, no one’s been able to help.

Either silence, refusal, or NO, I encountered.

But then, I say, thank you still!”

She later shared another post below.

She shocked everyone when she took her life the following day.

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