South Africans Discover Something Inside a Looted Fridge — People Are Very Upset

South Africans are very displeased with the way the police are going about the recovery of looted stuff. Some looted properties and electronics were discovered to be old, and they have stickers on them. South Africans said that they refuse to believe that these items were looted, urging the authorities to use barcode and receipts before taking away items from people’s houses. A South African man said, “They have unique serial numbers, though! But some of these things are not new either. PMB people took the brand-new stuff and returned the old stuff!”. Several people said they they will not allow the police to search their houses without proper search warrant, saying that their privacy are being violated.

A South African asked, “are all these items looted? Some of them look old, with stickers. The police must make sure that they are not taking peoples properties away for loots recovery. There is no way they will trace the owners of all these things”. Another South African said that, “Barcodes are the same bro, e.g. a 32” TV from Game, Makro, Hifi-Corp etc is the same. Though prices may differ from individual store depending on how they loaded the price to be in their system”, another person added that, “PMB they’re already taken back some things that was looted, but I refuse to accept that this was a looted fridge the owner did a trade in”. A curious lady asked, “How will they know which store each item belongs to?Apparently, they took the stolen goods back because they preferred not to accompany the goods as well. Nobody knows who put the goods there? They return them between 2 and 4 am”.

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