‘The person recording this needs to be arrested’, see what this man is doing to his girlfriend

That domestic violence isn’t decreasing in any way is really disappointing. According to the video that has just gone viral, this man has not even proposed to her yet and has already begun hitting her.

No matter what a woman does, hitting her is never the next logical step. It is possible to bring a lady to her knees or chastise her in a number of different ways. One thing is for certain: hitting her is not one of them. It’s heartbreaking to see what a man does to his partner in the video you’ve provided. This is simply due to the fact that they are a more vulnerable vessel. And because she was unable to protect herself, the man began hitting her viciously.

The majority of those who reacted to the video didn’t have an issue with the man assaulting his girlfriend, but they did have a problem with the man who captured the footage. They said that he should be the one who is apprehended. After all, why would he continue to videotape them when he has the ability to separate or prevent them from fighting?

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