The return of SRD Grant, Level 5 Lockdowns, and other things the president should address Tomorrow.

All the plans have been put in place for the president to address the nation this Sunday. However as the pass few addresses have given us no real information on the things we really want to know about, many of us wait with anxiety, in the hopes that the president Will finally give us new information. Below are the things we can possibly expect to hear about.

Covid 19 Grant :

The SRD Grant ended quite a while ago and South Africans were sad to see it go, however, now that we are once again experiencing a long period of lockdown. It would be beneficial to many South African citizens to bring it back. Even though the Grant only amounted to R350 per a person, it was a huge help to people living in abject poverty. In light of the recent loss of jobs, During the free Zuma protests when businesses was destroyed, and the fact that the lockdown may continue, South Africans are in desperate need of financial relief. In order to help the citizens who are suffering, our President should have mercy on us and bring backbone Grant.

Level Five lockdown and the fourth wave :

The Covid 19 statistics have been unstable at best. As the numbers keep changing and deaths rise, it May be a good time to take more drastic action. For the longest time many people have been calling for level five lockdown and the government seems to be taking baby steps towards it, Now may actually be the right time to implement it. Especially considering that During the recent protest their was a serious disregard to Covid 19 laws and regulations and cases may once again rising, possibly taking us into a fourth wave before we even finish the third.

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The looming race war :

Tensions between black people and Indian people are quickly rising and looming race war may occur. The President Needs to address this issue in a serious way and quickly, if he is to stop the possible race war ahead of us. This is the time for him to take serious action.

All the things above, along with many other topics, are all things currently weighing down on our President. While it’s understandable that he has a lot of stress, it’s now time for him to step up and take action as the president of South Africa. This is his duty and responsibility. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments and follow for more news as it happens.