“What are we going to call this”? See how these matured ladies battle with each other in a busy road

How are we going to refer to this?” Let’s watch how these mature women deal with one another on a busy highway.

It’s concerning that two responsible people with a greater understanding of life have joined in. It is not necessary to engage in street combat for the sake of foolishness.

Many people now consider neighborhood fighting as a tradition in and around the streets of Africa, including here in South Africa, but they ignore the dangers and how it violates the rights of others. However, I would like to take this occasion to urge every South African to resolve disputes via diplomacy and compromise rather than directly fighting each other.

This follows a tale about two women. Women have access to videos. It’s trending on the Internet after they were caught punching one other in the face. The trouble did not begin at the scene when he was hanging before striking the middle of the roadway.

Trouble began to arise as the woman pushed her opponent in white and black. A furious skirmish erupted right away to catch the attention of passers-by.

However, I am afraid that many of our colleagues in South Africa have displayed this mentality. We discussed a situation in which instead of separating two fighters, we wanted to make a video

This is the battleground, just as it is on the internet.

What options do you have?

Feel free to voice your ideas in the comment section to let us know what you’re thinking. adhere to

It’s terrible to witness women fighting in the streets, on the streets, and anywhere they feel fit. As he punched her, there was a thin one between them. The skinny woman was able to stand, and when it was her turn to sit, the big lady slapped her repeatedly. In retribution, the obese woman had to pull her hair back.

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The prospect of onlookers still coming to see them battle was terrifying, and no one would be able to recover in time to join the combat. Instead, they inspire them and photograph them as they fall apart, which they then publish on social media.

What makes older women feel so humiliated?

Hers is a woman with

A peacemaker is a woman who fights in public like a girl. I’m wondering as to what is causing them to respond favorably right now. to view the